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Special treatment of coffee beans in Ninety Plus 90+ company

Ninety plus is an internationally renowned producer and distributor of coffee beans and is famous for its rare and unique coffee beans. In addition to working directly with coffee farmers, Panama has more than 134 hectares of coffee grounds. 2007, it is founded so far, customers have been in more than 40 countries around the world.
In 2007 Joseph Brodsky officially founded Ninety plus, and in the following year until now, we can be in the world of big and small coffee competition to see Ninety plus’s award-winning trail last 2013 WBC world barista championship, six finalists, were from Italy, South Korea, Canada Ninety plus players use green beans. Exquisite cultivation and processing of raw beans, excellent coffee varieties, unique grading system, so that Ninety plus become the top bean beans in the beans market, and representatives of a single tree. Going to provide high-quality raw beans coffee with the concept of the 2014 sole agent Ninety plus, is that you do not miss the wonderful beans.
2004 years, Panama geisha rise, unique aroma off for excellent breed upsurge all over the world, Joseph Brodsky and other bean industry, researchers and enthusiasts, go deep into the remote mountainous area of Ethiopia province to the birthplace of coffee wild primeval forest for Geisha species. In the end he failed, but he thought there were many excellent native varieties in the forest of so many native species. It may not have been discovered because it has not been found, or has not been treated and cultivated. So in the Joseph Brodsky in Ethiopia immediately put a lot of effort, he find valuable seeds and coffee and manor local improvement and cooperation, meticulous bean processing process, and establish Profile Processing bean system, let each one can play its full flavor beans. In 2009, Joseph Brodsky started growing Ethiopia native Geisha in Panama, he purchased the land, to create “Ninety Plus Geisha Estate” at the same time and the construction of Ninety plus manor, Sensory Room, SolkilnTM in the development of special processing method, has been in bean processing each link often innovative Ninety Plus, in the coffee boutique market, dominate.

Scientific analysis teaches you how to find coffee with your diet

Have you ever thought why you cook tomato and onion with your cheese when you cook Italy noodles? Can tomato be served with coffee? Recently, I saw some netizens using coconut green as ice drop coffee. Then, how about using garlic to make coffee? Pairing (food) is a new research. Traditionally, the chef with cooking ingredients to experience and taste of food, drink Wine also love to participate in wine dinner, with different food collocation different flavor and origin of the Wine. These are more personal and experienced.
However, in the past ten years, human biochemistry research has made some significant progress, scientists use food key odors to find collocation food, found the same odor components of food collocation can produce good flavor, food technology experts, star chefs and sommeliers are used, but for the taste of coffee miscellaneous beverage, food collocation research has not yet universal.
How to match flavor?
All foods contain aromatic molecules on SCA Coffee Sensory students know, in fact, the tongue only eat that acid, sweet, bitter, salty and fresh five kinds of flavor, food / other flavor in coffee, 75%-95% is volatile aromatic compounds by the nose to receive produced, the rest of the 5%-25% is the taste and taste from food.
Flavor pairing is with aromatic molecules of the same food together. For example, bananas and pears contain isoamyl acetate (isoamyl acetate) “the aromatic molecule. Tomato, cheese and garlic have the same smell of aromatic molecules, add cheese and garlic, cheese and garlic because the number of molecules in the more than the content of tomato, tomato can make the smell of cooked up, so as to enhance the sweetness of tomato. For example, add chives, roe sauce, chocolate and white chocolate and white cauliflower, or strawberries with peas in the dessert match, never think of that traditional dishes, is the original clip.
Want to know what foods fit together?’s database contains more than 1000 different vegetables, meat, spices, fruit juice, flowers and other compounds, and the home can easily and easily identify the pairing.
Drink coffee and salt?
Is it OK to drink coffee without sugar and change salt? Taiwan has rock salt Caramel coffee. I heard that in Ethiopia, salty popcorn is usually served for coffee. In 2004, WBC champion Tim Wendelboe did the experiment by sprinkling salt on the coffee surface and testing how the salt affected the bitterness. The experiment took 1 liters of hot water, soaked 65 grams of coarse ground coffee powder, soaked for 5 minutes, stir and then soak for 1 minutes, and then divided into three parts of coffee. For the first portion of the 300mL coffee, add about 45mg of salt; the second portion of the 300mL is doubled, about 90mg of salt, and the last 1/3 is used as a reference. The first observation is that even at 150 mg / L (equivalent to 45 mg / 300 mL), the effect of salt is also very pronounced. The Tim’s assessment is that the salt has lost some flavor of the coffee structure, reducing the acidity and bitterness, but the taste of coffee is richer and thicker.
However, there is still scientific debate about the principles of food composition.

Coffee Jelly – a new way to taste coffee

Please pay attention to professional barista coffee studio (WeChat exchange public No. cafe_style)
Coffee is believed to have been drunk by many people. It has been used for refreshment and for the enjoyment of the afternoon. But there’s nothing new to drink with coffee. Recently, there was a young man from Japan who made coffee and gelatin together and made interesting and innovative coffee jelly. Let’s take a look at it now.
The coffee is stirred with gelatin to get a fresh taste of the coffee
First, add 10 grams of gelatin to a container, mix it with 100 ml of water, and heat it for 30 seconds in a microwave oven of 500 degrees high temperature.
The coffee is stirred with gelatin to get a fresh taste of the coffee
Next, add 45 grams of white sugar to the heated solution and mix with 300 ml of water. Pour it into the ice tray and refrigerate it to make jelly.
The coffee is stirred with gelatin to get a fresh taste of the coffee
The gelatin was then blended with the coffee at the same rate and poured into the plastic cup containing jelly gelatin and placed in the refrigerator for two hours.
The coffee is stirred with gelatin to get a fresh taste of the coffee

Coffee Jelly – really dark cuisine, fresh taste of coffee style

Please pay attention to professional barista coffee studio (WeChat exchange public No. cafe_style)
Give the finished product first!
That’s the way it is!
I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Should I have a gentle name?,
For example, “Coffee Pudding” or something!
Later entangled for a long time, decided to tell the truth! This is the coffee bean!
Although pudding, jelly and whatever you like, I still want to avoid the name “Coffee Pudding” like western desserts!
No, I have a prejudice against the baking party. I have quite a few friends from the party,
All the desserts that Meimei brought out are delicious, but there is one thing I don’t understand
Most baking parties do desserts to get a sense of accomplishment in order to “collect praise” rather than having finished eating for themselves!
Because I know: to eat delicious, you must lay down the material, and put more sugar! So that they did not eat a mouthful, there is a great sense of guilt……
Why can’t you make some dessert for yourself?
In addition to good-looking, a sense of achievement, but also to meet their love to eat, but also eat not fat, is it better?!
You guys think I’m thinner than you think,
On the one hand, because of hard work, ha! Another aspect is that every time I invented the lazy food, in addition to considering people looking to sell, I consider myself as I eat, the important factors of kazakhstan!
OK! It’s not a dessert today, or an afternoon coffee for adults!
Time: that is the time for a cup of coffee
Simplicity: the simplicity of a cup of coffee
Sell their photos: judge kazakhstan! I don’t recommend anything that isn’t nice!
The degree of creativity: anyway, I think this is a jelly! Although there is no mint flavor, but after eating hot pot, if there is this, I also feel very happy!
Main material:
Mainly on these two bags
The 1 hanging ears of coffee, 1 water jelly powder
Step 1
Jelly water scoop out,
Throw it in the cup

Learn how to make cold Starbucks coffee: Cold, Brew, Coffee, VS, hand coffee, beginner skills

Cold coffee extract in recent years red, slow temperature extraction makes coffee more full-bodied mellow, less caffeine, can be preserved for two weeks, coffee after fermentation, and even light wine! What’s the recipe and proportion of cold coffee, to learn how to make cold Starbucks coffee, with the same field: hand coffee, novices do not fail skills! You’re a coffee too!
[Easy, steps, recipes]
[hand iced coffee, How to make Filter Iced Coffee]
Coffee beans Ground, coffee, 24g
Ice cube Ice cube 150g
Water Water 90 degrees
1. soak the filter paper Pre-wet, the, filter, with, room-temperature, water with cold water
Tip: can keep the filter cup and glass pot at a lower temperature, This, step, can, keep, the, dripper, and, vessel, in, temperature, lower and so on
2. put the ice into the glass pot Put, the, ice, cube, in, the, vessel
3. pour the coffee powder into the filter cup, Add, the, ground, coffee, to, the, filter
4. hand pat to Gently tap it to level powder formation the surface of the grounds
First inject about 30g hot water for Slowly pour 30g hot water and create a blossoming effect
6. with fine water slowly and evenly around the Pour water slowly and move in a steady spiral toward the center of the grounds
7. the total water injection is 200g, Bring, the, total, to, 200g
8., the boiling time is about 2:30 Brew, time, is, about, 2:30
9. remove the filter cup Remove, the, dripper
Shake the glass pot and let the ice mix with the coffee. Move the vessel to mix the coffee and ice properly
[cold coffee How to make Cold Brew]
Cold water Water 300g
Light baked coffee Light-roast ground coffee 50g
Glass bottle Jar
Coffee powder Ground Coffee: water Water = 1:6
1. pour in coffee powder, Add, ground, coffee
Tip: coffee grinding until the sugar thickness, too fine, coffee easy to muddy, Grind, the, beans, very, coarsely., A, smaller, grind, will,, result, in, cloudy, coffee.
2. add cold water Slowly, add, water
3. mix well, let the coffee powder fully soak Use, a, wooden, spoon, to, make, sure, to, all, wet, grounds, get, and so on
4. cover Cover the lid
5. put ice in the refrigerator for 16-20 hours, Refrigerate for 16-20 hours.
6. pour out the filtered coffee powder, Filter, the, ground, coffee
According to personal taste, add water or add milk, Add, ice, milk, or, your, other, favorite, coffee, enjoy., things, and, etc.
8. refrigerate for 3-5 days Keep, it, chilled, in, the, refrigerator., It, will, last, for,, days

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